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Animals that Need a Foster

Kittens: Looking for an itty-bitty addition to your household?  Check out our list of healthy and well socialized little tykes ready for adoption.  We do not adopt kittens younger than 9 weeks old.  If a kitten is listed younger than that you are welcome to pre-adopt.  FURR spays / neuters all kittens prior to adoption (just like our cats).

Juveniles: These guys are between 5 months and 1 year of age.  Even though they aren't tiny anymore, they are still kittens on the inside.  Juveniles are at an age where they start to display their real personality.  Their age makes them easy to integrate and good for most homes.

Adult Cats: These wonderful kitties often get overlooked when kittens are around.  Adults make wonderful pets because you know what you are getting in regards to their personality.  We love our adults and can help you pick the perfect one for your home.

Seniors: Did you know that cats can live 20 years?  Please consider a senior cat.  Seniors still have lots of spunk and they are fabulous lap warmers.

Cats Needing Adoption Most: These are the cats who for no fault of their own have been with us WAY TOO LONG.  These guys are just as wonderful as all the other cats but for some reason have not found the right home yet.  Often times, they just simply do not show well at adoption events.  These guys show best from their foster homes where you can usually arrange to meet them.  Some of these cats may have special needs, but most do not.  They just have not been fortunate enough to find a FURRever home yet.

Status: Available
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Species/Sex: Cat/Male

Description: This guy... is just amazing.  Found as a stray, showed up on someones door step hungry and lone... Click for more information...

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