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The cats that people see at the adoption events are only some of the animals that FURR helps.  Since this is an organization whose passion to save lifes goes beyond just saving healthy, highly adoptable cats, we have quite a few cats in our care who are not adoptable or are very difficult to place due to a disability or medical condition.  We take life saving measures to help injured cats and kittens get a second chance at life.  Without donations or sponsorship we could not save any of them.

People who have had the experience of caring for a special needs cat will tell you that there is something special, almost angelic, about them.  They touch their caregiver in a way that cannot really be expressed.  Perhaps it is because these animals are grateful for life.  Maybe it is something else.  What is certain is that special needs cats are truly *special* in every way imaginable.  Please help us continue to be able to care for these extraordinary animals.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  Please send donations to: F.U.R.R., P.O. Box 102, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 or a donation can be made through PayPal to

Here are just some of the very special cats that FURR has helped.....


 Marshmallow   When Marshmallow was rescued he had severe pneumonia.  The illness left his lungs scarred and he requires several nebulizer breathing treatments daily.  Marshmallow had to have one of his lungs removed in an attempt to give him a normal life.  He loves to play and cuddle like any young cat but can only do so as long as his remaining lung will allow.  Marshmallow continues to have breathing problems but his "Mom" is committed to caring for him no matter what he needs.


 Fancy   Fancy was rescued at the age of 12 weeks old.  She has hydrocephalus (water on the brain) that has left her both mentally and physically handicapped.  She has seizures and can't climb or jump but she's a professional cuddler.  Fancy will not have a full life span because of the ever increasing pressure on her brain but quality is more important than quantity and if you were to ask Fancy she would tell you that she's the happiest kitty on earth.  Her life is full of love and affection.  She does have setbacks but as long as she can cuddle on the couch with her Mom or her best friend Purrfect, her life is a good one.  Fancy touches the hearts of everyone she meets.  No one can resist her sweetness or zest for life.  To know Fancy is to love Fancy. 


Purrfect    Purrfect has a truly amazing story.  His mother who was as feral as they come was trapped by animal control just days before giving birth.  The animal control officers that we work with are truly wonderful people.  They kept the mother cat until she weaned her kittens, then they spayed and returned her to her feral colony.  Luckily for Purrfect, he was not born outside to a feral life because he would not have survived.  Purrfect was born without back legs.  Many people would have euthanized the little kitten but animal control and FURR thought that he could live a happy life despite his disability.  Purrfect has one unusable stump but he gets around on the other stump and his two very strong front legs.  Purrfect has no idea that he's handicapped.  Purrfect runs and climbs.  He has special steps for the couch and his cat tree was modified to be handicapped accessible (he has a special ramp just for him).
 Purrfect and Fancy sleeping
Purrfect's foster Mom ended up adopting him so he's not available for sponsorship but his story is inspiring and it helps to create awareness about handicapped cats.  Because of FURR, Purrfect will have a long, happy life.  This was a very good rescue.

Here's a picture of Purrfect cuddling with his best friend, Fancy.

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