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FURR will take back any cat or kitten you have adopted from us at any time after the adoption, for any reason. It is a part of our mission to ensure our cats are returned to us and that we find them new forever homes.

To begin the return process, please fill out our return form. We will work very hard to get the cat/kitten back in our care as soon as possible. Completing this form will help us to move the process along quickly.

FURR will not judge you for returning a cat or kitten, but we will ask you your reason for the return so that we can address any issues that may have prompted the cat/kitten's return.

DO NOT surrender the cat/kitten to a shelter, other rescue, friend or relative. If you have a relative or friend who is interested in the cat/kitten, please have them go through the adoption process with us.

DO NOT post the cat/kitten online such as on Craigslist or Facebook.  More often than not the people responding to those ads are not good homes. Many get cats/kittens from those resources in order to sell the animals to labs or worse.


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