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Barn Cat program

Barn Cat Progam

FURR is proud to advocate and place cats that are considered unadoptable into Barn and Farm homes where they can thrive in outdoor life.

These cats are relocated due to current living conditions being inadequate or sometimes dangerous. Examples include cats being poisoned, cats trapped in high traffic urban areas, cats with no colony or feeders, cats whose habitats are being demolished or destroyed.

Barn cats can become to be cherished parts of a Farm or Homestead! They also provide a much needed service of rodent control.

What is the process?
Cats will be held in a large cage for two weeks. This is very important for their acclimation. It gets them used to the smells and sounds of the new environment. If cats are simply released they will run away. While contained they will need food and water and litter dumped occasionally. FURR will provide all supplies and set this up.

What is the cost?
This is a FREE program. Donations are appreciated but not required.

How far will you travel?
Depending on how many cats you are willing to take we will drive up to 90 minutes from Easton PA.

What is reqired of me?
For the first two weeks cats will need to be taken care of in the cage which entails giving food and water and dumping litter when needed.
Once released we require a large amount of land for the cats to roam and an indoor area where they have 24/7 access and possibly straw or other warmer areas within the structure in winter. We require cats be given daily food and access to water. Cats WILL still hunt mice and rodents even if they are not hungry. This is instinct. 

Email us at for more info or fill out our Barn Home application here.

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