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PLEASE NOTE: If you adopted from FURR and you cannot keep your cat, you are required by contract to return the cat to us if you cannot keep it!  


No cat adopted from us will ever be turned away and we will make sure that they are placed into loving homes.


If your cat was not adopted from FURR…..

Hopefully you are never in a position to rehome your cat.  FURR believes in forever homes but we understand that sometimes the situation is not workable or sometimes you can't keep the stray that wandered into your yard.

If you are having a behavioral problem, please consider behavior modification.  FURR volunteers are more than happy to help you step through what you need to do to make your cat a happy member of your household.  Sometimes it just takes understanding cat psychology.  We understand cats and why they sometimes misbehave.  Usually the problem is quite fixable.  Please feel free to e-mail or call us to request advice on solving your behavioral problems.

If you do decide to give up your cat please DO NOT advertise your cat as "free to good home".  You might think that you've given your animal a good home but the chance is high that they have just moved into another unstable position.  People who acquire animals for free are more likely to acquire animals on impulse.  Also, "bunchers" will often pose as nice families to take your free animal and resell it to a Class B dealer who supplies laboratories.  Free kittens often meet a worse fate because the will be "adopted" as free snake food or used to train fighting dogs.  If you do rehome your cat yourself, please make sure you do a vet check to ensure that the new owners have taken care of their animals in the past and please ask for an adoption fee.  You can always donate your adoption fee to a local shelter!

FURR is usually very full.  We keep our cats in foster homes and at the Phillipsburg NJ Petco and Easton PA PetSmart.  Our cats come from local animal shelters and we save them before they are killed for space.  We try to save as many as we can from the shelters so we limit the number of cats that we take from individuals (unless of course the cat was adopted from us, in which case the owner is obligated to return the cat to us and not give it away or take it to a shelter).  We do occasionally take cats from individuals but because our space is at a premium and our vet bills are always way bigger than what we can pay, we require a donation.  Donation requirements vary depending on status of spay/neuter, shots, FIV/FeLV testing, age and temperament.  If we take your cat, we are providing you a valuable service because you know that the cat will be loved and not killed.  We do not receive government funding and we are not obligated to provide an open admission service.  Please do not contact us with a request to take your cat for free. 

If you contact us with a request to take your cat, please be prepared to offer a donation that will cover all vet care at a minimum.  Please be aware that if we decide to take your cat, it means that there is a shelter cat out there that we cannot take and save.  We ask for a sizeable donation because we need to stay financially viable in order to care for more shelter cats who would otherwise be killed.  Likelihood of acceptance will vary depending on the donation amount offered, the need of the situation, space available and adoptability of the cat or kitten. 

If we do agree to take the cat on, the ownership of the cat transfers fully to FURR and the cat will be loved and cared for in a no-kill environment with the promise that the cat will never be turned away should it need to be returned to FURR for the remainder of its lifetime.

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